2252 tABLE rOCK rOAD #154

mEDFORD, oR 97501

541-772-5079 OFFICE PHONE/FAX




The rent increase does not go into effect until April 1. Please do not pay the $7.00 increase until then.

By now you have all gotten a letter from Commonwealth explaining that they will be overseeing things here at Aspens On The Creek. As the letter explained, everything should continue as it has been. We will however no longer be able to accept cash for any reason. If you have any questions or concerns about this change please contact the office.

Cold weather can make taking care of yards a difficult and unpleasant task, but a necessary on to keep our Community looking good.Put your debris at your curb and Kevin will pick it up on Tuesdays. Remember if you have hired a yard service to do work for you they must haul all debris away. Casoron treatments are still available for $15.00 This fee must be paid for before treatments can be done. This treatment will not eliminate growth that is already there but will prevent new growth from sprouting.

I have been noticing things being stored in carports that should not be there. Garbage cans only may be stored in the carport area. If you are working on a project you may do so temporarily, the key word is temporary. Please remove all items as soon as the project is completed and limit them to a day project.

Aspens On The Creek has been working with the Medford Police Department to eliminate the homeless camps bordering our property and the City of Medford that arise from time to time. Please report any activity you see to the Medford Police and the Office at Aspens. The NON EMERGENCY NUMBER is 541-770-4783. Please call when you see thing happening not days later. Keep our community safe by watching out for each other and reporting activity promptly.

The next Social Committee meeting will be Monday February 5th at 1:00pm at the Community Center. They are starting to plan for the garden party in June. If you have any ideas you would like to share for this event or any other events you would like to share please join them, new ideas are always welcomed.

The collection box is still at the Community Center to donate to needy families. Thank you to those who have generously donate non perishable foods to this cause. If you have donations arrangements can be made to pick them up at your residence for you. A lot of families have been helped with your donations.

The RV storage areas on Swing Lane and Locust Lane are for vehicle storage only. You are not allowed to stay in the RV's parked there. Repairs must be done off site. Please keep your areas there free of garbage and debris. Please be mindful when parking vehicles, keep them in your designated spot.

Everett Wilkins has asked that I remind you that milkweed plants and seeds will be ready for planting for the butterflies when the frost warnings are over. If you would like more information about the butterflies or purchasing plants that attract them please contact Everett at space #24.

The Community Center is open from 8:00am -8:00pm 7 days a week. A $50.00 deposit is required if you would like to reserve the center for your special functions. The deposit if refunded if everything is cleaned and in order when you are finished. We have a full kitchen, plenty of parking, TV and games to play, restrooms and no mess to clean up at your home. Contact the office to reserve our date.