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May 2018

The semi annual community wide yard sale will be May 19 & 20. You may set up and start on Friday May 18 after the garbage has been picked up. All items remaining from your sale must be removed from carports and patios by Wednesday May 23, so please make arrangements ahead of time for remaining items.

The May dinner potluck will be May 16 with a Cinco De Mayo theme. Bring your place settings and a dish to share. Join the fun for the evening starting at 5:30pm. A lively game of Bingo will be held after.

Everett Wilkins will have some plants that will attract butterflies available for residents who would like them around May 1st. Please contact him at space #24 for more information.

The annual Garden Party is scheduled for June 2nd. If anyone has time to volunteer or has anything they would like to donate for raffle prizes, please contact Ann Strycker at space #1. This is Ann's first year here in the community and chairing this event. She would welcome your help. The family of Sally Shinkle who was a resident and recently passed away, has donated money that will be used to reduce the cost of the meal for this event. There will be a live band, games, raffles and of course lots of good food. remember the Social Committee meets the 1st Monday of the month at 1:00pm in the Community Center. Come join in the fun of planning this and other events for the community.

Mercy Flights sign up time is here again. Membership cost will only be $60.00 this year. This is a good service that can save you a great deal of money should you find yourself in need of an ambulance ride. You can drop off payments or pick up applications from Cheryl in the office. You may also contact Pat Foster at space #231. Renewal or sign up is due May 31, 2108. Make checks payable to Mercy Flights.

Please continue to use the recycle cans for cardboard, milk jugs, tin cans and newspaper only. We still need to do our part for the environment by trying to recycle what we can. If you are not sure if it goes in the recycle can or not it would be better to put it in the regular garbage so that the whole recycle can is not disposed improperly.

The weather is turning nicer. Now is the time to improve the aesthetic of your yards and maintain them throughout the year. Please do your part to keep our community beautiful. If you need some help with yard work because of a medical issue, please contact Cheryl in the office. She may have some help available for temporary light yard work.

We recently had a solicitor in the community. Cheryl was called right away by several residents and was able to find them right away and let them know that soliciting is not allowed here. Thank you to those residents who called. If you ever have solicitors come to your door please call management right away., do not wait we don't want residents to be bothered by soliciting of any kind.

Thank you for returning our Resident Update forms so promptly. There are on a few who have not. The information contained on that form is very helpful to management, so we have our current phone numbers and emergency contacts. Remember if you get a new pet, a new pet agreement is required to be on file.

The Community Center is open from 8:00am - 8:00pm daily. The backyard can be used to play games for your functions. Consider reserving the Community Center for a summer family function, host a party or just come and watch tv or play some games with friends. WIFI is free and you don't need a password.