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We have a busy month planned here at Aspens on the Creek. It’s May already…. Where has the time gone? We are looking forward to some sunshine soon. The flowers are blooming and yards are starting to take shape again. Please be mindful of your weeds and get them removed as soon as possible. The weather has not been very cooperative lately and the weeds are about the only thing that is loving all the rain we have been getting. Cheryl has the names of yard services that could help you out for a reasonable cost. We need to get the weeds under control as soon as possible.

The Salvation Army Cascade Divisional Band will perform at the Community Center on Saturday May 4th at 10:00am. This is a brass band who has won several competitions and will be performing in Los Angeles in June in a regional competition. Come on down and start your day with some great music by a great group of guys.

Monday May 6th at noon there will be a Mercy Flights presentation to explain the benefits of this program. Along with that presentation there will be a hands only CPR and AED demonstration explaining what you can do in case of an emergency. Cookies and coffee and goodies will be provided. Mercy Flights renewals and new membership will be $60.00 and will need to be turned in by May 20th. You can drop off your check at the office for renewals, no need to fill out the application again. If you are signing up for the first time applications are available at the office. This program can save you a lot of money should you need and ambulance or air flight.

On Tuesday May 7th at 1:00 pm There will be a presentation for Genetic Cancer Screenings at the Community Center.  The genes we are born with may contribute to our risk of developing certain types of cancer. This test will help your physician be proactive in recommending appropriate ways you can address the risks identified by the Hereditary Cancer Gene Panel.  Along with that presentation there will a Pharmacogenomics screening that will eliminate the guesswork by identifying harmful medications, and by determining the metabolic effectiveness and recommended dosage of medication. Testing is done by cheek swabs and will be at no cost to you if you qualify and nearly everyone will.

The semi-annual yard sale will be May 18th and 19th. Please do not block access for the garbage to be picked up on Friday. You may set up on Friday after the garbage has been picked up. Cheryl will try and get them to pick up early on May 17th. There are no guarantee that that will happen, so please plan to have your sale start on Saturday.  All items left from your sale must be removed from patios and carports by Wednesday May 22nd.

Please have your yard debris out and ready for Kevin to pick up early on Tuesday’s. You may put it out on Monday for Tuesday’s pick up if necessary. If it is not out for him by noon it may not be picked up until the next day or the following week.

Preparations are under way for the Annual Garden Party. Volunteers are needed for this event. There are going to be some changes this year to this event. We will not have the band this year, instead there will be a variety of games inside the Community Center and in the back yard. If you have something you would like to donate for prizes or know a business that would donate, please contact Ann Strycker or Cheryl. This has been a fun community event so volunteer your time, invite your family and friends and let them enjoy your friends at this great community.

Everyone seems to be in a rush anymore. When driving in our community please abide by the 15mph speed limit. Just because it is 15mph doesn’t mean you have to go that fast either. Slow down and enjoy the view on the way to your residence. Please ask your visitors to abide by the 15mph speed limit too. If we continue to have problems with speeder’s we may consider installing more speed bumps, so PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!