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December  2017


Another year has come and gone and we here at Aspens On The Creek wish you all a very Merry Holiday season and hope your new year is going to be a good one. The owners of Aspens On The Creek have once again been very generous and are sending out dinner coupons to our residents for dinner at Texas Roadhouse on Delta Waters. They are valued at $15.00(alcoholic beverages will not be compensated)We hope you will enjoy your dinner. These coupons will be valid December 14th - 17th only. No coupons can be honored before or after these dates so please plan accordingly. 

We will be having a New Year's Eve party and game night at the Community Center on December 30th at 5:00pm. Bring your family or friends and join us for an evening of fun. Please bring a snack to share. We have a variety of games and the new TV and the Wii games also.

We would like to thank you all for keeping leaves cleaned up around your homes. This is a seemingly never ending task for a few weeks a year. Kevin is glad they are almost gone, too. Please keep an eye those weeds sprouting up while you are out raking leaves. Get a handle on them now so you won't have to work so hard cleaning them up this spring.

Thank you all who helped out with the Veterans Breakfast. They had a really good turn out. Breakfast was wonderful and such a deal at only $5.00 per person. Veterans had their meal for free, just a small gesture of thanks for your service. 

Our Thanksgiving potluck was very nice again with approximately 80 in attendance. We also provided meals for 19 people who were unable to make it to the Community Center due to various health issues. This is such a great community with so many caring people. If you know someone who may need a meal for the next Holiday Potluck on December 20th, please let Cheryl know at the office. We want those who are not able to make it to the potluck to feel the love of this wonderful community also.

The next Holiday Potluck will be held on December 20th with turkey and ham being supplied by the owners of Aspens On The Creek. Announcements will start at 5:15 with dinner to start at 5:30. Bring your place settings and a dish to share with everyone. PLEASE sigh up on the lest at the Community Center. We need to have an idea of how many will be attending. We will be having the White Elephant gift exchange again this year. Bring something you would like to re-gift or a gift of a $10.00 value if you wish to participate.

We are starting a list for Casoron treatments for your yard to help with weed control. If you would like to have this applied to your yard please contact the office and get on the list. Kevin will start applying this treatment around the end of January into February. The cost is still only $15.00 and will help a great deal in controlling the weeds from sprouting. 

We would like you to take a look around your place, especially in the backyards and side yards. Please pick up any clutter laying around. Look at it through your neighbor's eyes and see it like they might see it. We have many backyards that border neighbors and can be unsightly. While the fronts of homes are hard to overlook clutter and disarray, the backyards sometimes get forgotten about. Love your neighbor and clean up your backyards as well as the front.