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JUNE 2018

Please join us for the Annual Garden Party on June 2nd in the back yard at the Community Center. Hamburgers and hot dogs will be served with all the condiments for only $1.00 per person. Please bring a cold dish to share. The party is from 10:00am - 2:00pm. Lunch will be served at noon. There will be a live band, games, prizes and a raffle. Eating and visiting is available in the Community Center as well. There will be some games set up in there also. Please bring family and  friends and join us for a day of fun and entertainment. Volunteers are still needed to help set up and take down, please contact Ann Strycker in #1 if you are able to help.

Thank you all again for keeping up on your yards. This has been a challenge this year with the weather. When leaving your debris a the curb, please keep in mind that Kevin has to lift your containers. Please do not overfill them, it is difficult for hi to lift some of them by himself.

If you have an RV or other vehicles stored on Swing Lane or Locust Lane storage area, please check your vehicles on a regular basis. While we try to keep those areas safe and check on things regularly, we are not able to completely stop interlopers form coming in occasionally. IF you do have something stolen from those areas, please call the Police Non Emergency at 541-770-4783 and make a report with them. Please let the office know as well as we keep a record of these occurrences. Along with this pleas keep your homes, cars and sheds locked as well.

Please do not cut or trim trees in your front yard without permission from management. We love the trees here and have them checked by a licensed arborist to make sure they are safe. It can compromise the integrity of the tree by cutting it back incorrectly. If you are having a problem with a tree contact the office so it can be evaluated. It is not ok to trim them without permission.

Speeding continues to be an issue in the community. We cannot stress enough how important it is to slow down. Some of us do not move as fast  or see as well as we used to. Once you or your guests are in the community please drive slowly. WE do have a 15mph speed limit, but it is not necessary to push that to the limit. In reality it is only going to save you a minute or two getting to where you are going. So please be mindful of the 15mph speed limit.

Before making any landscaping or painting improvements to your space please run it by the office first. While we are all for improvements we still need to make sure that it will comply with our community rules and regulations. If you are planning to pant we have a form that you must submit with color choices and be approved before painting.

Please join Ann Strycker who is the new chairman of the Social Coommittee. Linda and Rob will be traveling more so will not have time to plan events for the community. A big Thank You to Linda Wheeler for stepping in and helping after Cliff retired. Happy trails Linda and Rob. If you have any ideas or can volunteer your time please attend the Social Committee meeting on June 4th at 1:00pm a the Community Center. Everyone is welcome and encouraged  to attend.