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We have been getting complaints about the turkeys in the neighborhood. There is not much that can be done on our part to remove them from the community. Once turkeys are habituated to receiving supplemental food from humans, it is difficult to change their habits. Therefore, efforts to change their habits mush involve everyone. If turkeys are receiving food from birdfeeders or other sources around your home, it will make it more difficult to get rid of them. Some suggestions are:

1. Remove birdfeeders if turkeys are cleaning up the spilled seed.

2. Direct a stream of water at their feet.

3. Open an umbrella to frighten them or chase them with a broom.

Turkeys are perceptive and notice changes in their habitat. Unusual objects such as rope, reflector tape and old fashioned scarecrows placed in a flower bed may be enough to scare them away. We are asking people who are feeding them regularly to stop as they are really becoming a nuisance and destroying people's property. They may find another place to go if there isn't easy food for them here. There is an article with more information on the bulletin board at the Community Center.

Is your skirting sealed and ready for winter? Winter will be here before we know it. Start getting your home winterized, don't wait until the last moment. Get your pipes wrapped, skirting sealed to keep out critters, windows sealed and your homes cleaned and ready for winter. Help keep our community the beautiful place that it is.

We have several new residents here at Aspens On The Creek who may not know that we shut off the outside water spigots during the winter. Outside waters will begin to be turned of shortly to prevent freezing of pipes. Get your gutters cleaned out, houses washed off, dirt and dust cleaned up and ready for the winter weather before the shutoff. This is done as a protection measure for all of us. If you choose to leave your outside water on you will be responsible for any cost and repairs due to freezing pipes.

The Holiday Bazaar is scheduled for November 17th & 18th. Those dates are fast approaching us. Tables are limited so get yours reserved now. The tables are free for residents, $15.00 for non residents. Some commercial items allowed, not rummage sale items or flea market items please. Sign up forms are available at the Community Center or by contacting Mary Ann in #117 or call her at 541-944-8363 for more information and reservations. 

Remember for those who participate in the semi annual yard sale on October 7 & 8, you must removed unsold items from patios and carports by Wednesday October 11th. You may start your sale on Friday after the garbage has been picked up, streets must remain clear for the garbage trucks to pick up your garbage. If they are not able to get to your cans they will not pick them up and they will not come back later for them. 

A group is being organized to play pinochle on Tuesday's at 5:00pm at the Community Center. If you are interested in playing, please come down and they will get you on the list. This is in the early stages of planning so times and days may change. Let them know what will work best for you. For more information contact Darlene Shontz at 541-601-0110

There has been some interest in starting a butterfly garden or at least getting some plants that attract butterflies planted here in the community. If you think you would like to plant some plants or would like more information about this please contact Everett Wilkins at 541-295-4724 or at space #24.

Are you ready for leaves to start falling....Neither is Kevin! Please help him out by raking or blowing leaves into one large pile rather than several small ones at your curb so he can vacuum them up with the leaf vacuum. Please only put leaves in these piles as limbs and other debris plug up the vacuum hose. Debris will continue to be picked up on Tuesday's during leaf season as well.

There will be a Halloween party on October 27th, combined with game night. Come down and enjoy a night of games and snacks. The party will start at 5:30. Bring a snack to share. Games will be provided or bring one of your own if you like. Dressing up in costume is optional but always fun!

We are asking that residents write or call their City Council Members about the homeless situation along the greenway. There have been 2 fires recently between our property and the Greenway started the homeless. The area has a lot of garbage from homeless camps that needs to be cleaned up along with the blackberries and overgrowth. Contact Kay Brooks at 541-556-1823, Kevin Stine 541-301-7062 or email them at When you send an email ask that your email be forwarded to the Mayor, Chief of Police and your council members Kay Brooks and Kevin Stine. If we do our part and let them know that there is a problem that endangers our homes, hopefully they will realize that this is a problem that needs to be addressed now.